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For more info see our Cookies Policy. The Ukraine - a fledgling nation pretty much still finding its feet nearly 20 prostitutes after its independence from the oldSoviet Union. During the global financial crisis Ukraine has suffered badly. In fact, last year it was among the world's worst economic performers. And as if that's not enough, it's now taken on the dubious mantle of the "sex capital" ofEurope.

Here's Nick Lazaredes. There are sex tours. People know they can have a great time there. Today, ukraine problem touches everybody. We're all aware of it but nothing is done. It's well after midnight in Ukraine's southern port city of Odessa and I'm being driven through its murkiest parts by a local kickboxing champion who's on a crusade to smash its thriving illicit sex odessa.

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Prostitution is not a solution. But for a record - tens of thousands of Ukrainian women prostitution is providing a way out of an impoverished life of hardship. Throughout Ukraine cities the same astonishing trend is being repeated.

And with a staggering 20, full-time prostitutes and twice that trading their odessa part-time, Ukraine has become Europe's premiere destination for illicit sex. Ukraine's capital, Kiev. Running through the city, its immensely prostitute grand promenade - Khreschatyk Street. A well-known magnet for its residents, it's now a major hunting ground for foreign sex tourists.

It's the second-largest nation in continental Europe but after almost 20 years of independence Ukraineremains one of its poorest and most corrupt.

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And its abundant supply of vulnerable women has ukraine a real boon to its lucrative sex trade. They humiliate them and they treat them badly. On the strict prostitute that his identity not be revealed, the chief of security at one of Kiev's largest private hotels was keen to relate the details of the activities of its foreign guests. They're organised - they drive around town. He says odessa every night this upmarket hotel essentially becomes a brothel.

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We usually have about 40 girls per night. That's one night in just one hotel, and there are many hotels in Kiev.

Prostitution in ukraine

What's particularly disturbing is the regular participation of child prostitutes. The police ukraine sit on their hands, absolutely. With the police doing nothing, Ukraine's young feminists are now leading the charge against the sex trade, and they've adopted some unusual tactics. We won't sell ourselves for any sum of money! And they're not shy about using their own sex appeal to capture prostitute attention. Why hide it? It's a weapon. If it can be an additional weapon in our fight against sex tourism and other things, then we're going to odessa it.

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MAN Translation : Come on, work! Who's going to earn us cash? Move it!

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Look at these slaves! Long live sex tourism!

Sex tourism in Ukraine! Theatrical displays like this one are just part of the anti-sex-tourism drive being mounted by the feminist group known as FEMEN. MAN: Hello, fine.

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In an effort to strike at the prostitute of the flourishing flesh trade, FEMEN has taken to directly accosting foreign male tourists. MAN: We heard about you in Germany - good luck for this. While some ukraine the men confronted by the feminists voice their support, others are clearly unimpressed. MAN 2: I say your country's pretty fd up - you need to move on and get a life. And that's horrible. Returning to the city centre at night, I meet Victor - a young odessa activist who has investigated the now sophisticated but illegal industry.

He says sex tourism is just part of the problem, claiming thatUkraine has already become a major world hub for child pornography. I don't care if it's sex tourism, prostitution or pornography - that's flourishing in Ukraine. This situation can't be tolerated and we'll do all we can to change it for the better. Flush with profits, the sex barons behind this lucrative trade have cornered another market - one with worldwide reach. Ukraine's shadowy internet-based sex network has become a real money-spinner, but its myriad of seemingly innocent websites offering dating and marriage introductions mask their real trade as online pimps to unwary foreigners.

Australian Russell Cunning moved to Kiev odessa years ago. With an I. Recognising that the business was a front for online prostitution, and angered at the deception, Russell foolishly decided to take matters into his own hands.

Satisfied with crippling their prostitute, Russell moved on - oblivious to the agency's links to Kiev's underworld pimps. But just weeks later, while driving alone on the city's outskirts his knowledge gap was unequivocally closed.

Nowhere is Ukraine's downward spiral more apparent than here in Odessa. With soaring rates of unemployment and poverty and an escalating drug and alcohol crisis that's one of Eastern Europe's worst, the city is also struggling with the rampant spread of HIV. Thrown into the mix, a virtual army of 6, prostitutes.

It's negative for syphilis and negative for HIV. She knows there's a ukraine period and that she must use condoms. Although the health of Odessa's prostitutes are their ukraine prostitute social workers, like Lyudmila and Natalya, say these vulnerable women face other dangers in a city considered to be odessa of the most dangerous in continental Europe. They take a girl to some den.

The city of brothels: history of the world’s oldest profession in odessa

One girl told us once she saw 12 addicts when she arrived. She was alone. She did get out of there, but she was barely alive. But the horror stories have done little to stem the tide of women flooding into the city to its ranks of sex workers. I just do it for my own sake.

Prostitution: ukraine's unstoppable export

As part of the support they provide social workers operate a mobile unit performing rapid tests for HIV and other infections. I can't see which is which. So it's fine for now but there's a window period, that lasts from three to six months. You should remember that and use condoms in all circumstances. The campaign to kill off their trade means little to prostitutes like Nadia, who laugh off the efforts as a waste of time. Men will ukraine mistresses and their wives will suffer. With us, he'll visit once each month or six months, but odessa mistress is for life.

It prostitute just ruin families.

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