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Shellece Gunnell, personal consultant for Slumber Parties, said she loves her job because people call her up after a party to tell her why their marriage just got better.

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Each party is hosted by a women who invites her friends to come over for the evening. And then you have this cashier who you have no idea who they are and you have to ask this really personal question with a whole bunch of people around. At a party, Gunnell said she stands in front of the party-goers and walks them through her products set up on a table behind her.

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The products on the table are passed around while Gunnell explains the benefits of each one. The women can even test some of the products right there.

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Instead, they can sit back, relax and listen to what she has to teach them. Melissa Anderson, senior in exercise science, said she enjoys attending these parties because it is done tastefully, and she also feels liberated as a woman afterward. Jacki Marchant, first-year nursing student at Weber State, said she also thinks the parties are tasteful.

As long as open-minded people come to the party realizing it will help their marriage or relationship, then Marchant said it will be successful. However, pushing products on someone is not what Slumber Parties is about, she said.

Gunnell, who has been a consultant for three years, said she is empowering women by educating them.

The more a woman knows about her body and about what is out there, she said, the more they can improve or enjoy their intimate lives. Gunnell said women tell her all the time how nervous they were to attend a party but that they came away from the party knowing a lot more about their bodies and what can help.

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Most of the time, Gunnell said she gives the answer to a product question before it is even asked. But if there are questions someone is afraid to ask about in the group, that person can ask Gunnell in private in the ordering room.

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After Gunnell showcases all the products, she leaves the room and sets up an ordering room somewhere else in the house. Women should have privacy, she said, when they order Slumber Parties products. Men are not allowed at the parties, she said.

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Not only are the parties supposed to be focused on empowering women, but Gunnell said having a boyfriend or having a husband there can make other people uncomfortable. When it comes down to it, Gunnell said it really is all about helping the women, since women seem to have more problems when it comes to intimacy.

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Intimate products are more for people who have been married for awhile, she said, and have gotten into the routine of life too much and forgotten how to nurture their intimate relationship. Primary Mobile.


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