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Name: Anitra
My age: I am 33

Quality of the women here are getting worse.

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Used to love coming here but last two times with Ellie were very mediocre. So can we have a current list? If you don't want to list it in public please me at bbfscipguy yahoo.

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Saw Karen on Sunday small petite Chinese good bum on her and nice blacktown her cunt looked like a fired abolone though lol oh well was in the mood so paid for the hour had a shower and she instantly meets my meat with her hot warm mouth as I dry off this turned me on and after about 5 minute I asked her to lay on the bed her head hanging off the side yoko I slowly skull fucked her and tasted her sweet shaved cunt. After about 10 minute it was time so she slid on the ppe and hopped on after two minu.

Had a fs session yoko Helen last night nice short petite body shaved cunt dtbbj mish cg and finished off with a standing hard doggy her hands on the bed as i pumped away with deep hard strokes she squirted as i pulled out came all escort her tiny little body cleaned me up had a shower a massage and left with a smile on my cock! I did try messaging Angie but to no avail. I wonder if she's still in business on the quiet just with the regular customers.

Anyone know which girls at TP64 do bbfs escort All the good ones don't appear to be blacktown there anymore.

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Chloe was good. Where has she gone? Thanks punters. All the good ines don't appear to be working there anymore.

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Yeh, I checked roster and booked two hours with Sally, I turned up and she was a no show, when I called I even reconfirmed the booking by calling back, poor service, I travel 1 hour to get there too. Yeah you should try Doris, she loves drunk guys who escort lesbo doubles and taking it up the poop shoot. Had a go with Sheri just over a week back, she is damn awesome, what a great body, specially her pussy slide.

Unfortunately, escort days later I blacktown feel burning when I take a pee, went to see my GP, he tell me is chlamydia, had a test done, also come back the same. Fortunately, a simple does of bill kill yoko damn in with 2 days. Therefore if anyone feel a bit funny when they go pee or got funny discharge coming out their yoko, pls go get a checkup. Forget about seeing Tracey what a flop so much an Ametur bj bad doesn't know how to suck and when you fuck her she complains of pain overall I give her a two for looks never again Saw Angelina at the other night.

Quite attractive with a nice body. BBBJ was excellent. She enjoyed our 69er. Before anyone asks how do I know that.

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Well she came about 3 times in my mouth. Tasted real good too. Then suggested sex.

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Tentatively asked if I could do anal. No problem! I know its hard to tell an Asians age, the trick is to look at the hands, youthful hands dont have yoko, vains and stiff looking. I agree. The service has become so bad escort. Booked twice for a girl. Arrived on time but girl not available. Also made to wait for 20 min in the blacktown room.

Made to shower in the laundry and then the girl was in the girls waiting room. She literally threw everything off the bed to make space.

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I don't think he was yoko to be treated like a king. But a modicum of customer service like honouring booking times, no bait-and-switch and not escort changing when girls abandon the service is expected. Angie's attitude is blacktown and the service he received was reflective of that. Her lack of giving a fuck has also rubbed off on the girls. I too have been less than impressed with of late. He's not advocating that we burn the place down or sabotage her business.

Silvio has just stated. Who do you think you are? Hi guys On reading comments elsewhere I made a booking today for Sally, in the hope of a little Greek. First impressions, quite ok, nice body for a something, particularly her boobs.

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Quick bit of cuddling and even kissing and I was hard as a rock and she hopped into an excellen. Arrived at Just came escort after having a session with Priscilla. Saw in the reviews that she gives great service but she was a total dead root. No kissing no cuddling, straightaway started with cock sucking and then cowgirl. No passsion, no intimacy and no connection. Looks like reviews on 's website should not be trusted. Definitely an in-room question Puff. There are a very escort of shops that publicly wave the no-condom-required flag publicly, but most try and show they're a safe choice by "officially" requiring safe sex with their girls.

As we all know, girls are fee-agents, and once you're in the room anything can happen. Generally, the older the WL, the more likely she will compromise on health and safety precautions, and happily suck and fuck all clients bare back. Some offer it for an extra charg. This is not in regards to in particular, but if yoko looking for bbfs, can you ask the receptionist or are these things discussed in the room blacktown the WL? Hey John, johnconnor69er gmail. Missed the other thread. No anal for me then by the sounds of it. Shame as I'd love to cia with Yoko.

Both blacktowns Karen does anal?

Yoko are you referring to bj cim? Also curious if escort got those pics. Karen is amazing yoko if I see her on the roster I will pounce. Got 7 inch dick but it's skinny. What WLs call "pencil duck". Ponston Ahem How blacktown is small? Its complete news but good news to many I would think that Karen also takes it up her shit chute. Are you saying Karen does anal or are you referring to CIM. Damn, not done her bb but done a lot of others.

me if you want to swap some pics. Awesome news she is back at Let us know how it goes. I have been filling up Kelly mainly but have also left a load in Bianca as well. If you want to share info me johnconnor69er gmail. How could she tell who the father was - it is not as if you leave her with your name, blacktown and phone.

Anyway, she'd probably have half a dozen sperm insertions per day, so it would probably be someone else's anyway. Working girl gets preggers. Is the customer up for child support or does her workers escort cover that?

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The answer to your question is the same as you asked that same question about 3 months ago. Suggest you read the thread. There are only 2 WLs that do BB anal for free.

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